Uganda health ministry offers RMNCAH training scholarships

Uganda health ministry offers RMNCAH training scholarships

scholarshipsIn a period of 2 to 3 years, over 40 Ugandan Districts categorised as hard to reach should be in position to improve delivery of Reproductive Maternal Newborn Child and Adolescent Health RMNCAH services.

Under the World Bank and Global Financing Facility funded Uganda Reproductive Maternal and Child Health Services Project, Government is set to strategically train 290 health workers in key disciplines in RMNCAH from certificate to masters level, according to a Health ministry announcement calling for scholarship applicants.

With the highest number of slots going to diploma training in anaesthesia (75), certificate in theatre practices (80), and bachelors in anaesthesia (40), it can be seen as a deliberate move to fix a problem that has dodged the delivery of Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care (CEmOC). The shortage of anaesthetists has severally been cited as a hindrance to provision of CEmOC in many facilities across the country.

While the main objective of setting up Health Centre IVs was to provide Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care (CEmOC) – that is being able to provide intervention in case of complications during delivery, which includes the ability to provide a caesarean section and blood transfusion, only 51 percent (100/195) of the HC IVs are functional because they were able to do cesarean section.

According to the most available recent annual health sector performance report (2014/2015 financial year,) for blood transfusion 38% (75/195) were able to provide this service. The report adds: “Those able to provide both cesarean section and blood transfusion were 33% (65/195). There is an improvement compared to the functionality of 2013/2014 when 45% (88 out of 196) of the Health Centre IVs were able to do cesarean section and 36% able to do blood transfusion.”

Having “Willing to be go back to the current district of work or be or be deployed in hard to reach areas after completion of training,” as well as “Willing to sign a bonding agreement of the Ministry of Public Service and work for a period equivalent to the time spent on training under this scholarship scheme” as part of the eligibility criteria for the scholarships, beneficiary districts will have opportunity to retain critical cadres for a while.

Click here to download Scholarship Announcement.

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