Dr. Cheptoris Lillian is currently a postgraduate student persuing a masters in Paediatrics and Child health at Mother Kevin Postgraduate Medical school ,Nsambya, Nkozi University. She graduated from Mbarara University of science and technology and has been in clinical practice for the last 7 years.


Background: Preterm birth burden is increasing worldwide and mortality due to preterm infant complications accounts for 27% of the 4 million neonatal deaths worldwide. In Uganda, premature deliveries contribute 13.6% of the total deliveries and 25% of neonatal deaths. Knowledge of the short term outcome of preterm infants is key in improving quality of care. However in Uganda, there is paucity of data on the outcome of preterm infants.

Objective: To describe the outcome and its associated factors among preterm infants admitted to St. Francis hospital Nsambya neonatal unit.

Methods: This was a prospective cohort study of 237 preterm infants, gestational age 24-36 weeks admitted to St. Francis hospital Nsambya between October 2015 and July 2016. These infants were followed up from admission to discharge or death. Data on maternal, infant characteristics and short term outcome were collected. Data was entered into the computer using Epidata version 3.1 and analyzed using STATA software package.

Results: Of the 237 preterm infants, 14% (n=33) died. Mortality according to gestational age categories was 86%, 27%, and 1% among the extreme preterm, very preterm and late preterm infants respectively. A total of 91% of those who survived had complications during the course of hospital stay. Respiratory distress (72%) and jaundice (50%) were the most frequent complications. The complications that were strongly associated with mortality were; intraventricular haemorrhage [COR 30(2.07-433.12), P-0.01] and late onset sepsis [COR 0.30(0.12-0.74) p-0.00]. The factors associated with mortality were lower gestational age and birth weight. Infants with Apgar score >7 and those born by caesarean section were found to have less odds of mortality, COR 0.17(0.07-0.41), p-0.00 and COR 0.34(0.15-0.80), p- 0.01 respectively.