How to teach your child to care for teeth the proper way

How to teach your child to care for teeth the proper way

tooth-brushesAccording to a study, 40% of children in Uganda have dental caries or cavities. While the country has 200 dentists, 300 dental officers, and 300 public health dental officers, the number of health practitioners is insufficient to curb the rising dental problems among the youth. This is why it is imperative that parents should do their best to encourage their children to take care of their teeth by practicing good oral hygiene habits and brushing properly to prevent cavities and tooth loss.

Reasons for children’s poor dental health

There are several reasons why an increasing number of schoolchildren are getting cavities. Most children have no idea how to properly brush their teeth, while some tend to overindulge in sweets and sweetened beverages. Some do not have enough time to clean their teeth while they’re in school, while others simply do not have the tools they need to keep their teeth healthy. It is important that schoolchildren should be taught how to care for their teeth as unhealthy teeth and gums can contribute to systemic conditions and pain syndromes. Here are some tips on how to teach your child to clean and care for teeth the proper way.

Show them how it’s done

Kids learn best by mirroring their parents, so your pre-school child can learn by following you as you brush your teeth. Teach your child how much toothpaste to use, the proper brush strokes, and how to rinse properly.

Make it fun for him

Children should brush their teeth for as long as two minutes. Instead of having your child watch the clock, make brushing fun by playing a special two-minute song on your phone while he cleans his teeth. He’ll know that it’s time to stop brushing when the song ends.

Encourage your child to brush his teeth in school

Let your child bring a toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste to school every day so he can brush after meals. If this is not possible, then have him rinse their mouth after lunch or recess to get rid of cavity-causing germs and bacteria.

Eat food that’s good for the teeth

Some food and beverages such as candy and carbonated drinks can be harmful to your child’s teeth. Instead, let your child eat food that’s good for tooth health, such as yogurt, cheese, oranges, and strawberries. You can give your child treats once in a while, but remind him or her to brush immediately after eating sweets.

Follow all these tips to teach your child to take care of teeth the proper way. Don’t forget to have regular dental checkups to ensure the health of the teeth as your child grows throughout their early years. #

*Blog by Lucy Wyndham.

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