Lower level facility midwives renew skills in MNH care

Lower level facility midwives renew skills in MNH care

T1From providing and managing personal care and treatment, working with families and communities, to playing a key role in public health and controlling disease and infection, nurses and midwives have many roles, making them a very valuable resource to a health system.

In an effort to continue building their capacity, 24 nurses and midwives from select Health Centre IVs in Eastern Uganda have undergone a five-day foundation basic training in newborn and maternal care by Makerere University under the auspices of the Maternal and Newborn Scale Up (MANeSCALE) study.

According to Uganda’s Health ministry, a level IV primary care facility is the level immediately below a district hospital and has a target population of 100,000 people. It has provisions for an operating theatre, in-patient and laboratory services, and is a referral facility for 20-30 level II and III primary care facilities under its jurisdiction.

Led by a team of Obstetricians and Paediatricians, the training held this month covered resuscitation, kangaroo care, feeding, infection prevention and control, partograph use, haemorrhage related complications, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, data strengthening, as well as maternal and perinatal death surveillance response, among other areas.

According to one of the trainers, Dr Rolland Mutumba, there is need for mentorship visits to follow up participants and re-enforce knowledge and skills attained. “Secondly, he added, “the participants and their respective Health facilities should be supported with job aids, protocols and relevant literature on what was covered during the training.”

Participants called for more educational videos and the training to include more front line nurses and midwives.

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